General Care

Taking care of your kitten


Please feed your kitten what ever I ask you to feed it for the first week introduction .

With all my kittens I do purchase and provide high quality kitten food ,  I think this is very important while they are growing up , simply it ensures a happy healthy kitten and less vet bills .
NO MILK PLEASE , please do not give the kitten milk ,  it is weaned and it will only get an upset tummy if you give it milk .
Always provide fresh water , on hot summer days throw in a few ice blocks to keep the water cool .
After about a month and when you have got to know each other , it becomes your kitten and you can bring it up your way ,
they do not have any really special needs `~ only at the initial introduction when you first get to know each other .

Scratch Pole

I train the kittens to use scratch poles, please supply one for your kitten, if you have a larger home please supply a few more.
My cats and kittens do not scratch furniture – please keep this going on your end . Provide a scratch pole praise and encourage your kitten to use it.
There is no need to buy an expensive scratching pole as your kitten will use it and eventually it will be ruined any way ~ but the good news is ruined scratching poles means no scratched furniture.

Kittens scratch
Your kitten will scratch it is a natural part of learning to be a cat.
When your kitten is really young it may scratch you accidentally, small kittens are unable to retract their nails and have to learn how to do this, so please do not get upset with your kitten if it scratches you, give it a chance to learn how to retract it’s nails.
Kittens do not know or understand that they may scratch and hurt you.
Around 3-4 months of age they usually learn to control their nails.

Settle the kitten in

Do not have any expectations for your kitten when it first arrives , it will be a little scared and feel a little insecure , it does not know you yet and it has just left it’s family and home , it has no idea why it is with you .
Once the kitten works out that you are the person that will feed it and finishes exploring your home it will realize that you are the new owner .
Usually it only takes about two days .


Please do not show your kitten off to visitors and friends for the first few days ~ I understand we all want to , but it is not good for the kitten ,
the kitten needs a few days to get to know you and if anything will only feel confused meeting lots of new people .

Keep your kitten Safe
If you have to go out, place the kitten in a small room with warm bedding and food , don’t let it have run of your home if you are not there to supervise it.
A small kitten can be compared much like to a small child, simply curious.
Kitten proof your home for a short while like you would child proof your home.
Extension leads , electrical leads , sharp objects etc ……. only you know your home and the dangers it could pose .
Keep toilet seats down and do not leave baths filled with water unattended . This is only for a short period , you will know when your kitten has become sensible and less curious.

Kittens are like children – they get into all sorts of mischief, sometimes funny sometimes not.