First time owners

Tips and FAQs for first time kitten buyers PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ARE BUYING A KITTEN OFF US


What you need when your kitten arrives

Some of these items I may be able to supply you with or may have spare items on hand  – please ask if you are not sure.

Most buyers usually place a deposit and order a kitten , so there should be time to go shopping for your new fury baby who will come to your home soon .

Food Bowls – get a few if you can, some for the wash, one for dried food another for water and perhaps another for fresh meat .

Carry Basket or Crate , kittens must leave in a crate , and you will need one later if you take your  kitten to the vets too . get a normal size one as the very large ones are hard to carry around , one you cna pick up easy and place in your  car with ease .

Kitty Litter Tray – a small kitty litter tray for now , you will need to get a bigger one later . Any tray will do , there are all sorts but start small with a kitten , you won’t need the small one for a long time , this is just to start the kitten off .

Kitty litter – I use Breeder’s Choice , it is cheaper to buy in the larger bags at  pet stores in bulk  , but you can use any type of kitty litter.

I like  the product because it is non toxic and very safe for kittens . It is also easy to clean and it does not scratch floors .

There is a lot of bad reports about the cheaper clumping litters , however when your kitten turns into a cat later on,  use it if you can’t afford Breeder’s Choice .

But please at least use Breeder’s choice to welcome your  kitten , it is what it is used to using with us so it will be happier and feel more at ease if there is no change .

Kitten food – please keep up the diet we have put your kitten on for about a month , as changes to diet could upset your  kitten ,

later when the kitten is bigger you can experiment try little things  , and when it is a cat I think they pretty much eat anything , but be mindful about nutrition , try to feed your cat good food , and not be tempeted to buy things like pet’s mince , but it all about your budget too – if you can afford good food  for your cat that is fantastic , if you can’t at least try to get some good old fashioned cheap cuts from your butcher , there is always some cheap good meat to be found .

Kittens start on mince and gradually introduce pieces later .

Of course all cats would love to live on chicken fillets and fresh salmon if you let them ! And why not too !

The Dr. Harry’s Purina  kitten food I recommend . ( dried food )

Do not give your kitten canned food that contains gravy, loaf style is best. For the first few  weeks use the Whiskas kitten pouches , they come boxed a little expensive but  well worth it , I have never had any problems using them .

A can for one single kitten can’t be kept in the fridge for too long as it will get stale , the pouches are instant quick handy and fresh and just  the right amount .

I spend a small fortune feeding the kittens these foods , good food has never failed me rarely do I have problems with the feeding of kittens , but it is costly and I have done this for your kitten and I would hope buyers continue to do this too , at least for the first few weeks please .

Scratch Pole . I try my best to train my kittens to use a scrtach pole , pleae get one for yoru kitten , it will have to scratch , if you don’t have one it could scratch yoru furniture .

Easy to train them to use scratch poles , just praise them when they do , if they try out your  furniture just take them to the pole and show them where they should scractch , most get the idea and work it out .



SOMETIMES LIKE KIDS THEY END UP HAVING FAVORITE TOYS . WITH THE TOYS , AVOID ANYTHING WITH STRING SUCH AS WOOL . YOU DON’T NEED TO GO TO PET SHOPS AND SPEND A LOT OF MONEY . THEY LOVE JUMPING IN AND OUT OF BOXES . SOMETIMES THEY MAKE THEIR OWN TOYS . ROLLED UP OLD SOCKS IS ANOTHER FAVORITE . Bird balls ( not cat ) have proven to be the number one toy here , they love the holes in these balls and often carry them around like little dogs . With these bird balls , if you are lucky your kitten may actually bring it back to you to throw again , some of mine do.

Camera – It’s lovely to take photos of your kitten , as they grow quickly and it nice to have photos to reflect back on later.

HINTS TO RAISE YOUR KITTEN Please read this if this is the first time you have owned a kitten Pretty much treat it like an ordinary cat . If your kitten is naughty and does not listen ? Don’t be too hard on it for the first few days , it will be confused in a new home at first , make a few allowances for a few days . Later if it is really naughty just clap your hands and say “ NO ! “ they are quite smart and do understand . If it is extra naughty and does not listen , get a water pistol and spray it with cold water and yell “ No ! “ , this usually works ! They hate water and get the hint , you may have to apply this two or three times . This is all I have to do with my cats and it works for me . But please do not try to discipline  or train your kitten for the first few days . Pretty much use your own discretion , the first few months is liking raising a two year old toddler , be kind and patient , it is up to you how you want your kitten to turn out. Kittens are toilet trained and often very clean , if it has an accident and does not use the tray , it may  be that it is simply preoccupied and forgets – like a little kid . If you have a very large home , you may have to provide two kitty litter trays .

Do not hit your cat or kitten , they do not respond well to hitting and if you do hit the kitten it is likely the only result you will achieve is that it will not trust you . In almost all cases I have been able to train my kittens simply by talking to them in a loud manner WHEN THEY ARE NAUGHTER . Another form of punishment I find effective is to ignore them if they have been naughty . With my adults , they want to please me , and ignoring them clearly shows them I am upset with them and they take the hint . Kittens and cats are gentle and sensitive , they are fairly intelligent and intuitive . When you purchase one of my kittens I try my best teach it and train it to have manners . The first few days are about getting to know each other , the kitten has to learn to be in a new home and needs to get to know you . Routine is important , try to feed the kitten in the same place so that it knows where to go to get food when it wants to , do the same with the litter tray , do not move it .

If you are a first time kitten owner and need help or have questions I am happy to help or guide you please feel free to email me. Raising a kitten can be a lot of fun.