When can I pick my kitten up?

I have to post this as this is one of the most asked questions , kittens have their own agenda , they all develope at their own pace ,  the kitten decides not me ,

when your kitten is vet checked and I am sure it is doing all the right things , when it is fully house trained , toilet trained , socialized , and secure and eating on it’s own .

Somewhere between the age of 8 – 12 weeks .

I recall a kitten who was only 4 weeks old , she decided and worked out how to pull cushions off the couch and make her own bed and wanted to leave I think , she was very smart .

There was another kitten who was male , he had to travel far , I held off on letting him go early , the time was decided when he stole a steak off the kitchen bench , I realized he was ready to leave ,

It is best to wait and not set an exact date ,  although buyers get impatient and can’t wait , I have to say wouldn’t you rather your kitten was well adjusted and hassle free ?

If you are very local and you have had cats or kittens before I sometimes let kittens go early , if you are willing to take over the training .

They wean themsleves , they choose when they do not want to feed off mum anymore , they do this on their own , it is better to let them decide their own time , that way you do not end up with any emotional problems ,

I can’t let them go too early , as I would like to know all will go well for you and your kitten .

Please be understanding .

In most cases 10 weeks is a nice age .

Interstate and international 12 weeks

Cost and prices

Prices will vary according to buyers needs


You will be invited to view your kitten , but I do not allow potential buyers to handle newborns or very young kittens , this is because I want to ensure you a healthy kitten and I do give you a warranty .

At first you will be sent photos and progress reports ,

then invited to view , I try to keep an weekend open .

Health and vet checks

Your kitten is vet checked , and I do have two very supportive vets , a home vet and a local vet .

Parents have regular vet checks too .

I do not have any know disorders and your kitten is sold with a warranty .

I am a small breeder , I do not breed on a large scale , so I am able to give my cats the best attention and care .

Dog-like antics

I have found in general with my own  ragdolls that  they have more of  dog-like antics rather than typical cat antics.  Often they choose to sit on my feet rather than on my lap ,  they would sit next to me and place their head on my lap like a dog .

It is quite common for them to just walk up to me and give me a friendly quick lick.

After being out for a day , they welcome me like little puppy dogs would .

They are very friendly and exceptionally curious , they just love to hang out with me and are quite content to watch me do things around the house, often they follow me and seem interested in almost anything I do , from mopping floors to typing and having a bath .
They love human company and although they don’t whine or cry I know they do not like being on their own . Human company is pretty much something on their daily agenda.

When I first started out with my first rag doll pair I lived in a very large home and imagined that they would appreciate the space, it appears this was not the case. They seem to be in any room I am in and don’t really need much space , I am in a smaller home now and it has made no difference at all.

I have also found my cats and kittens settle into new homes very quickly , it usually only takes them a day or two . Some of my kittens settle almost as soon as they arrive.

They don’t seem to have the emotional hang ups of other breeds and seem to be quite easy going and very laid back in their character and attitude.

Their fur is usually glossy silk – rabbit like coat , their fur is soft to touch .

The best thing about their fur , you get the nice coat and the longish fur look without all the grooming involved . Their coats rarely matt or tangle – this is less work for all of us .
Every now and again perhaps once or twice a year I see a  knot or fur matting and need to give them a quick simple brush .

If on the other hand you are a person with time on your hands , please do give your cat extra grooming and brushes when time allows , this will help you bond and the cat will love it .

Kittens are constantly active and they will keep you entertained for endless hours, but pretty much as they get older they turn into lazy lounge around cats and become very quiet, they just want your company and not much more .

They do not reach full maturity till about the age of 4 years.
The markings and the coats get darker each year.
The males grow larger than the females.

My rag dolls are exposed to my dog and they seem to get along just fine.

Male or Female?

If your kitten is going to be desexed It really does not matter which sex!

Here is what I think:
With my cats, the boys seem a lot more outgoing , a lot more cheekier , they grow bigger than the girls .
The females are rather shy and seem quieter than males.
If you are an outgoing person and active , I think the boys are more suitable ,
if you are quiet person try a girl .
Boys / males , usually do not spray or cause problems if they are desexed .
Spraying only becomes an issue if they want to breed or there is a female around .
If your kitten is desexed there shouldn’t be any problems.

Disposition and Character

I try to spend a lot of time with all my kittens and each one is born with it’s own special character , I try to match characters  of kittens to suit the buyer as often as I can.
Yes it is true sometimes they do flop and lay flat as a pancake,
with tiny kittens often they are very floppy when they are sleepy .
Don’t panic if your kitten flops – it is a rag doll and they do this , it is common .

Ragdolls I find are very easy going and pretty much love being around people . They do not have many hang ups and do not have many known character problems and they are usually quite smart and easy to train .

The fur and coat

The fur coat starts off as pure white when the kittens are born ,  gradually in a week or so you can see colors come through , the colors start to develope and are more defined at about two weeks of age , from there on the colors become more obvious and deeper , between 3-4 weeks I start to get a very good indication of what pattern or color the kitten will be .

One of the questions always asked by new potential owners  is does the cat not loose fur ?

I have to be honest and the answer is yes , they do loose theri fur ,  but not much , just like a human who does loose hair daily .

Their fur can be very silky to touch , rabbit like soft fur , and the best news is they need little or no grooming .

I have found the rare knot / matt here in there , lets say perhpas once a year or so .

Of course you should groom your ragdoll cat , but not because you have to , only groom it to bond with it and to massage it . The great thing is you do not have to do it daily or weekly , you can do it whe ever you want and when you have spare time .

I groom and brush my cats perhaps twice a year just to tidy them up , give them some attention and time and make them feel special . I groom mine when we are have cuddles on the couch and we just do this to bond .

You will learn to really appreciate the coat , and both you and your ragdoll will enjoy the pat , touch and feel .

Special needs

The breed does not have any special needs , however they are best kept as an indoor cat . They are not very good as a fighting cat due to their gentle character , it is highly likey if your ragdoll meets up with one of the local strays that it will not be able to defend it’s self , and if it got into a cat fight more than likey the ragdoll would loose .

So keep your ragdoll inside , that way it will be safe and you will not have to worry about it .

Ragdolls really do not care about space  either , they are more intersted in company and they enjoy watching televsion , and doing human things , where they can’t do human things they are simply happy to watch you and and just look cute .

Do watch your computer ,  I have had them walk over my computer keyboard many times only to convert my computer into something I do not understand . You have to laugh it off .

They don’t seem to have any strange hang ups and any bad traits in their characters that you need to worry about .

The personality is different with each one , all mine have had their silly ways , anitcs dislikes and likes .

Couger used to love money and it wasn’t unsual to see him walk off with change or notes , we just put it down to that fact that he may have had a secret wish to be a banker . He used to keep a private stash of keys and money under a couch .

Then there is Misty who had a thing about socks , she just walked around with a sock in her mouth here and there , clean or dirty as long as it was a sock she would be happy.

Lotus the quiet one , she would never hiss or complain about anything , she would just look at you with her cute big baby blue eyes and ask you for things in the cutest of meows , she always wants to drink water from the dragon fountain , because the water is always running she thinks it is fresh running water and instinct takes over .

Larma , well he would just flop and play dead if he was sulking .He would lay on the floor and flop right there and then in front of you .

Boots , she rolls and flops on her back and wants her tummy rubbed .

I had another cat called lacey who is now with another breeder , she loved to play fetch and retun the ball to you , some of the others did this too but she was the funniest .

One of my male cats just loved to climb into shopping bags , and he would be happy to stay in it all day if you let him . Sometimes he would sit and watch Tv from his shopping bag .

So really they can be a lot of fun and entertaining .

There really is not need to worry about much when you allow a ragdoll into your life

Most are great with kids too.