Milky Way

Milkway is one of our New introductions to breeding , she came to this name because when she was a tiny kitten we thought the little odd patch on her face was just milk on her face , we used to say she has milk in the way. The name stuck.

We had the odd kitten here and there similar to Milkway which we thought were not going to be easy to sell . We sold a couple Pet Only , only to find buyers loved this odd patch and kept asking when will get another . I thought as a breeder it may go against my reputation to keep one like this , but there always seems to be a buyer’s demand for this odd one , secretly I always wished to own one myself too . Now I do !

Milkway is not suitable for showing due to the odd uneven colour , but is an adorable cat ,
We have decided to breed her because when she was a kitten many people wanted her and loved her odd patch , it seems pet only buyers love this , and as she began to grow up with us we found her character quite distinctive from the others , full of beans , very cheeky and exceptionally intelligent which you should be able to see from the photos.

We can’t guarantee all her kittens will turn out just like her as every kitten is different , but what we do hope to achieve with her kittens is that some of her character will rub off on the kittens and the kittens should pick up some of this genetically through genes and perhaps through being raised by her too . We have believe we have a promising potential here with her to breed very cute kittens specifically for pets suited to families and active people .

Not all her kittens will look like her it is likely we will obtain solid face seal points too as the breeding stud Beaver is seal point solid in colour .
Milkway is not a big ragdoll , she is smaller and petite in build and she has medium thickness in her coat she is not extra fluffy , just fluffy .

Previous buyers from the litter she was born into are delighted with their cats and they have all seem to have grown with similar character to Milkway .

We are pleased to attempt this introduction ~ this time with her we think we will breed cute kittens , in hope of pets with loads and loads of character .

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